This Is Not A Guide List

I do not create guides for otoges.

These will only be reviews. If you're looking for guides I highly recommend checking out Otome Kitten who creates guides for most physical releases. She's who I use to 100% games! I'll link her review in my own so that you can easily access her guides if you so choose.

Otome Masterlist

Disclaimer: These games are ONLY Switch releases. I will add PC releases if I play them, but they will not be part of this core list otherwise. I also have only included physical releases!

[O] indicates I own the game but have not played it. [IP] indicates I'm currently playing it. If there's nothing next to the name and it's not a hyperlink, I don't plan on purchasing or playing it. I've organized this list alphabetically, with finished guides at the top.


    Sympathy Kiss [2024]

    Tengoku Struggle: Strayside [2024]

    Cupid Parasite: Sweet & Spicy Darling [2024]