Collar x Malice Unlimited is the fandisk for the original game. A fandisk is different than a sequel; a sequel is usually a full game whereas a fandisk is a shorter continuation of the original otoge. It's mostly full of fluffy scenes with the guys with a much more minimal plot. Each story is also much more self-contained, in that you can play in any order, as their stories aren't overarching like in the original game.

I HIGHLY recommend you play Collar x Malice first, as this fandisk will majorly spoil important plot points from the original game. Most of the "drama" from each story won't make any sense if you haven't played their original route.

CxM Unlimited has routes for all the main boys (Enomoto, Sasazuka, Okazaki, Shiraishi, and Yanagi) as well as four extra "routes". One is about Kazuki (Ichika's younger brother) where you see the events of the original game from his point of view. It's quite cute, and as someone who only wanted the best for him in the original game, it was nice to see his version of events. There is a route for Minegishi, one of the lead police investigators from the original game. I'm not a fan of boss x employee pairings, and while this isn't EXPLICIT in the way a normal route was, it was still...weird. Next, we have baby Yoshinari; once again, this isn't a full normal route. It's a very cute story from Yoshinari's point of view where we see when he first met Ichika, and how he fell for Ichika as time passed. You kinda feel bad for the guy, truthfully, he didn't stand a chance with the other guys hanging around. Lastly, there's the "Another Story" also known as the Adonis route. What would have happened had Ichika joined Adonis? Well, find out here!

I wasn't in love with this fandisk. It probably didn't help that I wasn't that enamored by the original game anyway. Okazaki's route in particular was disappointing, considering he was truthfully the only guy I liked in the original. These are (mostly) light, fluffy stories that are meant to make up for the overall lack of romance that they could fit into the original game. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not the target audience here when it comes to romance; however, the mini-plots were sort of all over the place as far as quality goes.

The Adonis route was a bit of a slog to get through. At first, I enjoyed it! You get to spend time with all the members of Adonis that you had met in the original game, and it all comes to a head with Zero at the end. It was LONG, perhaps too long. It felt very mindless at times. The two possible endings you can get with Zero are incredible, although probably not what people want if you're a Zero-lover-girlie. I thought they were fantastic; you'll find chatter online where people didn't like the two possible endings.

I'm not going to give a full route breakdown for this one, you can check out Otome Kitten's review below to see her fanservice/steam meter. Okazaki and Shiraishi have the weakest routes this go around; Shiraishi is not afforded a happy ending like the others. I enjoyed Kazuki, Yoshinari, and the Adonis routes, but frankly, it was quite annoying to get through. I hit the point where I was like "Well, I spent money on this, so I need to finish it." I didn't hate it! I think I probably would have LOVED most of it if it weren't that I didn't particularly care for any of the characters beyond Okazaki. If you played Collar x Malice and loved most/if not all the guys, you'll probably think this is a decent fandisk. One thing I did enjoy was seeing how the characters were healing from the X-Day events. Other than that...meh, it was shorter than the original game, so not a neverending time sink.

Otome Kitten's Review/Route Order Guide