Welcome to Lesbian Otome Time!

If you're a lesbian, then why are you playing otome games? I thought they were for straight women!

While otome games target straight women as their primary audience, there are plenty of lesbians (and straight men!) who find them enjoyable. Bi/Pan women also find otoges entertaining even if they have a preference for women. I don't self-insert in otome games and instead read it like a normal novel. I can take or leave the romance -- which is why I don't mind otoges that are considered light on the romance -- but I don't mind it if it's a romance-heavy game.

Some otoges are story heavy which I love! I'm here for the story and the characters. I like to say that I'm studying my favorite male characters like a bug. I stick them in a jar and watch what happens like an 8 year old on the playground.

Okay...but it still seems weird.

You're entitled to feel that way, but you may want to ask yourself if you police gay men's interests as much as gay women. Gay men are allowed to love female characters or be obsessed with women in the entertainment industry without much scrutiny. Lesbians tend to be accused of actually being bi/pan simply because they like a male actor, or they have favorite male characters. I don't want to dive too deep into that rabbit hole, but gay women are allowed to like "straight" things or enjoy male characters without actually being attracted to men. Also, many GL/yuri games are not written with gay women in mind and thus can come off as creepy or feel like a fetish fever dream instead of a visual novel with well-written characters. This isn't true of every GL game -- the whole of the genre itself is primarly written by gay women for gay women -- but just looking at the character art for a lot of popular GL games will give you an idea as to what I'm talking about. I do play GL games as well. I'm not going to pretend every otome is some fantastic piece of artwork that's well-written and blows every GL (or BL for that matter) game out of the water; there are LOTS of stinkers.

What kind of games do you play?

All of them! I tend to buy all the latest otome games -- although my backlog is massive -- and I play a few of them at the same time so that I don't get bored. Some are story-heavy, and some aren't. Some are romance-heavy, some aren't. Some have incredible characters...and others don't.

So what's this website for?

I'm simply here for a good time. I wanted a place to put down my thoughts and opinions on otome games. Not all will agree, but I hope that if there are any lesbians (or straight men of course) who are out there and are interested in playing these games, I'm able to offer advice on which games they might find interesting or enjoyable as people who are not sexually or romantically interested in men.

These are, of course, my own opinions and everyone is free to form their own. Some games I might enjoy, another person might find detestable.

This website will be updated periodically as I complete a game that I'm playing. Please use the links at the top to navigate.