Wait a minute...who ARE you?

I'm merely a lesbian with a significant amount of strong opinions.

My name is Jims! I'm a late 20's video game addict obsessed with history. Most importantly, I'm a lesbian who can't shut up. I have people in my life who have questioned my love of otome games due to my sexuality. I wanted to create this website as a resource for lesbians (or any other group that's not romantically/sexually attracted to men) to have a place to read about otoges and get an opinion from someone who doesn't like the game based on how hot the guys are or the "spice" level. My thoughts and opinions don't always align with a lot of the other large bloggers/otome "influencers" as someone who isn't interested in men. My "reviews" are more about the story and character journeys rather than the actual romance part -- although I will mention the romance level.

As far as otoge plots go, I'm not particularly picky. I play fantasy, modern fantasy, slice of life, mystery, and horror -- truthfully I'll play almost anything. I'm coming to an understanding with myself that I don't particularly enjoy the ninja/historical games as I have the urge to constantly Google characters which will take me out of the game for hours at a time. Aside from that, I don't have anything I love "the most" you could say.

When I'm not playing otome games, I'm usually getting down with some type of horror game. I love Resident Evil, but I play a significant amount of indie horror games as well on PS4/5. The game I've put the most time into is Dead by Daylight on PC -- over 700 hours as of this moment. I'm also a huge horror movie and novel fan! Grady Hendrix is for sure my favorite author at the moment, and I have too many favorite horror movies to pick just one.

I have a master's degree in Public History. I'm hoping to work my way back into the museum circuit permanently eventually. My favorite historical topics are Ancient Rome and McCarthyism; I'm not holding my breath waiting for an Eastern-produced otoge that lets me romance Caesar.

I'm very into the paranormal and supernatural! I have two haunted dolls that keep me company and go on trips with me. It'd be extremely difficult to convince me that ghosts aren't real after the many experiences I've had going on/leading overnight investigations. I don't try to convince others that ghosts are real unless they want me to; I'm a big believer that we're all entitled to our own opinions and I'm not into proselytizing.

If you ever want to reach out and ask questions, discuss otoges, or simply talk about anything else, please feel free to reach out on my twitter as I'm online essentially daily. I'm always happy to talk!